Non-Traditional Instructional Day Packets should only be completed in the event that a "NTID" message is received from the Wyoming County Board of Education.    Students are to complete only one packet per day that we are out of school due to inclement weather.  Packets should be returned to school and will be graded and recorded on LiveGrades. 

Teachers will be at school on NTID days between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00.   Please call or email if you have any questions or difficulties.


Kindergarten Days 1-3

Kindergarten Days 4-5

Kindergarten Days 6-10

1st Grade Days 1-3

1st Grade Days 4-5

1st Grade Days 6-10

2nd Grade Days 1-3

2nd Grade Days 4-5

2nd Grade Days 6-10

3rd Grade Days 1-3

3rd Grade Days 4-5

3rd Grade Days 6-10

4th Grade Days 1-3

4th Grade Days 4-5

4th Grade Days 6-7

4th Grade Days 8-10

Graham Days 1-3

Graham Days 4-5

Graham Days 6-10

Lafferty Days 1-3

Lafferty Days 4-5

Lafferty Days 6-10

Stafford Days 1-5

Stafford 5th & 6th Grade Days 6-10

Stafford 7th & 8th Grade Days 6-10

Lusk Days 1-3

Lusk Days 4-5

Lusk Days 6-10

C. Thompson-Wellness (1)

C. Thompson Wellness (2)

Mitchell-Band/Choir/Music (1)

Mitchell-Band/Choir/Music (2)